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Close call ends with crash

A distracted driver almost runs over a girl on the pedestrian crossing and then crashes into another car. The girl simply walks away like nothing happened,


Thief escapes with police car

A 33 year old woman was arrested for shoplifting and put in the back of a police SUV. While police checked the contents of her bag she managed to lose her cuffs and takes off with the vehicle… A wild chase ensues.


Car falls 7 stories

A car in a parking lot in Austin, Texas, fell down from the 7th floor of a parking garage. Both the driver and the passenger only suffered minor injuries.


Woman escapes carjacking

A woman arrived at her house in South Africa and got out of the car to pick up her dogs, when suddenly she and her husband spotted a car racing down the street. (more…)

Child falls outside of car

A child in Bangkok, Thailand, managed to open the car door when the car was standing still and fell out in the middle of the road. Fortunately the kid remained unharmed and was quickly reunited with her mother. (more…)

Railroad crossing close call

A Polish driver with 3 passengers was not paying attention and drove straigh through a closed railroad crossing barrier. His car only missed the train by a few centimeters…


Rotating door vs wind

This hotel’s security doors go crazy because security forgot to “lock” the door when the wind started, now they can only wait until the wind slows down.


Rhinoceros vs cars

A rhinoceros in Assan, India doesn’t really like cars and makes them all turn around by running aggressively towards them.