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Rotating door vs wind

This hotel’s security doors go crazy because security forgot to “lock” the door when the wind started, now they can only wait until the wind slows down.


Rhinoceros vs cars

A rhinoceros in Assan, India doesn’t really like cars and makes them all turn around by running aggressively towards them.


Fishermen walk on back of whale

Two Iranian fishermen walk on the back of a whale shark in the Persian Gulf. Although this is not really a nice thing to do, it’s totally harmless for the whale according to scientists.


Strong wind lifts car

During a big storm in New York, a car was lifted briefly by the strong winds, and got captured on the owner’s security camera.


Car vs motorcycles road rage

A car worked his way up to the front of a motorcycle group. One motorcyclist thought it was a good idea to brake really hard in front of the car as “payback”. (more…)

Girl falls from theme park ride

A 14 year old girl was hanging from a sky ride when she couldn’t hold on anymore and had to let go. Fortunately she had drawn enough attention and other park visitors caught her falling down.