Eddie Murphy’s old place for sale, asking price $12 million

Eddy Murphy’s old place is up for sale.
The house, located in Sacramento, California comes with 10 bedrooms (including a shrek-themed child room), 14 bathrooms (yes that’s more than 1 for every room), 4 wet-bars, tennis court, a gigantic swimming pool, and last but not least; a 9 car garage.

The main residence is 1115m²/12 000ft², the guest house is ‘only’ 480m²/5200ft².
Murphy lived in this place until 2007, it was then bought by a real estate investor who never lived in the mansion, and decided to sell the place now.

We’ve collected 36 pictures for you to enjoy.

Exterior Photos (interior photos listed below)


Impossible architecture

Filip Dujardin, Belgian photographer created these impossible architectural structures.
He takes photos of existing buildings, then uses those photos to create his own crazy unique structures.
Most of these are impossible structures, while some could in fact be real, but all of these are creations of Dujardin’s mind.


Dream garage for a dream car

Holger Schubert loves beautiful cars. He loves them so much that he designed a dream garage for his own dream car (a Ferrari 512 BBi).
With his 110m²/1200ft² designed garage, he won a Maserati Granturismo thanks to the Design Driven Contest. (website is no longer online)


Exclusive New York penthouse, only $26 million

An exclusive five bedroom duplex penthouse, that’s what you get when you hand over 450m²/5000ft² to the architects Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis.

Located near Central Park, in a residential skycraper called Park Laurel, we can find this amazing apartment with 360 degrees overview upon Manhattan’s horizon.
Asking price? Only $26 million!


Miniature town photography

You might think the pictures below are vintage photographs from a town a few decades ago.
The story behind these pictures is a bit more interesting though.

Artist and photographer Michael Paul Smith creates miniature models and sets, and then takes amazing photographs of these miniature places.
The photographs look so real because of the extensive and thoroughly researched details in every scene.


20 Creative advertisements

Here is the first load (of many) creative advertisements.

In this day and age we are absolutely flooded with advertising, frankly it can be annoying.
Luckily there are these amazing creative (funny) ads as well. Let’s have a look at 20 creative advertisements.


Famous landscapes zoomed out

The Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls, Stonehenge,.. We all know these famous landmarks, but strangely enough we’ve only seen them up close. Here are 9 world-famous landmarks ‘zoomed out’.



Underwater museum in Mexico

Welcome to MUSA, an underwater museum featuring mainly statues.
The statues were created by Jason deCaires Taylor.
When finished, the museum will be 420 square meters/4,520 square feet large.


The tallest hedge in the UK

This 300 year old (planted in around 1710), 12m/40ft high hedge is located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.
The yearly cost to maintain the hedge is $10 000, and it takes two men about a week to tidy up.

With a hedge like this, you might as well have castle walls, since these things are 4,5m/15ft wide, and 137m/450ft long. (more…)

James Bond suite at Seven Hotel Paris

For the 007 fans out there, Seven Hotel in Paris has a James Bond dedicated room.
Designed by Agence Bastie the room can be yours for €447/$620 a night.
The room includes: a mirrored ceiling, golden-gun lamp, 62 inch/160cm flatscreen (where you can watch the entire catalogue of bond films), a Turkish bath, golden toilets, and you can also dress yourself into Bond’s tailored suite.


The world’s largest swimming pool

Welcome to the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile… and it’s $1 billion pool.

You’re probably wondering how on earth a pool can cost $1 billion, right?
Well for starters: It’s the biggest swimming pool in the world, with a length of 1km/3323ft, and a depth up to 35m/115ft (Guinness world record).
It contains about 250 million litres (66 million gallons) of water.
The pool draws water from the sea, cleans it and let’s it heat up until 26°C.

Though the estimated cost of construction was $1 billion, there’s a maintenance cost of $2 million dollar every year.