“Mwanzoleo Residence”, South Africa

Welcome to Mwanzoleo, a 6-story rental beach-front villa located in Cape Town, South Africa.
The house was designed by SAOTA (Stevan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) and offers 1020m²/11,830ft² of living space.
Features include: 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, panoramic sea views, accommodation for up to 10 people, house staff, lift, gym, bar, wince cellar, pool,…
Interiors were designed by Antoni Associates.
The Mwanzoleo residence can be booked from $3,500-$18,500 per day, depending on the season. (minimum stay of 5 days)


“Razor Residence”, California

Combine a lot of glass, steel and white-polished concrete, and this is the result.
Welcome to the Razor Residence located in La Jolla, California, and designed by San Diego architect Wallace E. Cunningham.
The 930m²/10,000 ft² house features 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms,  uninterrupted views of the ocean, two level guest house, infinity view swimming pool, and private beach access.
The project completed in 2008 and was recently on sale for $19m.


“Albatross Residence”, Australia

Welcome to the Albatross Residence, a luxury beach-front house, located in Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia and designed by Bayden Goddard Design Architects.
The residence features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a giant 10 car garage.
The Interiors were designed by Sonia Hill, POD-FFE, and Edge Design.

The house was bought by billionaire Bruce Mathieson, and the property purchase was the most expensive one in Queensland in 2009 ($18 million).


“Kona Residence”, Hawaii

Welcome to the Kona Residence, a 745m²/8000ft² residence located in Kona, Hawaii.
The house was designed by Belzberg Architects and completed in 2010.
Interiors were designed by MLK Studio.
The project won many awards, including: 2013 Hanley Wood Builder’s Choice Custom Home Award, 2011 First Place Winner CTI Design Competition, and 2010 Interior Design Magazine: Best of the Year Award.

Nestled between cooled lava flows, the Kona residence situates its axis not with the linearity of the property, but rather with the axiality of predominant views available to the site. Within the dichotomy of natural elements and a geometric hardscape, the residence integrates both the surrounding views of volcanic mountain ranges to the east and ocean horizons westward.Belzberg Architects


The Aviator Wing Desk

We’ve got just the perfect thing for World War II fighter planes fans: The Aviator Wing Desk.
For $2295 this beauty can be yours.

Inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes, our desk is a shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a plane. Poised as if for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. 3 canvas-lined shelves offer ample storage. – Restoration Hardware


“Tangga House”, Singapore

Welcome to the uniquely designed Tangga House, a 712m²/7660ft² luxury villa located in Holland Village, Singapore.
The house was designed by Guz Architects, and was completed in 2009.
The L-shaped house is wrapped around a central green courtyard, creating a connection with nature and allowing natural ventilation.
Most people will recognize the amazing swimming pool with glass walls. The image below has gone viral online multiple times.