The “Kismet II”, a megayacht that rents for $1.65 Million a week

Welcome on board the Kismet II, a brand new 94m/308ft megayacht offering an elevator, helipad, spa, 6 cabins + room for 12 guests and 28 crew-members.
The yacht is under construction at Lurssen Shipyard in Bremen, Germany.
The top speed will be 17 knots, Kisnet II will launch in September 2014.
For the price of $1.65 Million a week, this ship can be yours.

Since the ship isn’t built yet, we can only provide these stunning renders:


The Kenyan hotel where you can eat breakfast with giraffes

Yes, you read the title correctly. Welcome to the Giraffe Manor, a very unique hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya. The property (140 acres) is home to one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe, Rothschild’s giraffes.
What’s also special about this hotel is that the giraffes like to bring a visit during meals, and stealing a snack from your plate.

The hotel features 10 rooms, and can accommodate 25 guests. (more…)

“Jewel of Kahana”, Hawaii

Welcome to the impressive “Jewel of Kahana” mansion, located on the coastline of the Island of Maui, Hawaii. The residence was designed by Californian architecture firm Arri LeCron.

Living space is around 850m²/9200ft², this includes 7 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms, and a 50m²/530ft² guest-house with an impressive ocean view.
The residence also includes a spa with waterfalls, a bar, pool and game tables, 3 “extra” bathrooms, and a three car garage.


Dubai’s abandoned luxury cars

Even in Dubai people sometimes suffer from the economic crisis.
This led to many previously-very-rich people doing the inevitable; filing for bankruptcy.As a result: abandoned luxury cars.
The feeling you get from watching these pictures is rather a sad one.


Paul Allen’s $27 Million mansion

Paul Allen, billionaire (net worth $15,8 billion) and co-founder of Microsoft recently purchased his brand new mansion for a modest $27 Million.

Located in Atherton, California the mansion is located on a 2 acre domain. The home itself is 2500m²/22000ft² and has 6 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a theater, and 7 fireplaces.
But don’t forget about the guesthouse, which hosts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and a 5-car garage. The home was built in 2013 by Pacific Design Group.


Your own floating island for $5 Million

Well actually it’s a ship. But it looks exactly like your own little floating island, as you can see in the photograph below. It’s called an Orsos Island.

The island is powered by wind and solar-energy, hence the 120m²/1300ft² solar panels on the roof. There’s still another 1000m² of living space, divided over three floor levels.
That’s not really surprising since the length of the island is +37m, and the width is +20m.


The Hedonist, $3 Million speedboat

“The Hedonist”, that’s the name of this beautiful luxurious convertible speedboat.
The ship is 20m/65ft long and is powered by 3 Rolls-Royce water-jets, it was built and designed by Serbian ship constructor Art of Kinetik. Top speed is around 40 knots/75kph.
Not only the exterior is beautifully designed, the inside also looks phenomenal.
Price card of all this? $3 Million.

Scroll down for 24 photos of the exterior, interior and deck.


“Casa Kimball”, Dominican Republic

Welcome to Casa Kimball, located in the West Indies, near the southeast of Cuba, in the Dominican Republic. This amazing project was designed by Architect firm Rangr Studio.

The residence is situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Each of the eight full suites has an amazing view on the Atlantic Ocean.
The gigantic infinity edge pool creates a seamless edge of water in front of the ocean, hiding terraces and a hot-tub.


Honest brand slogans

Wouldn’t it be great if companies’ slogans actually spoke the truth?
Luckily people are easily bored on the internet, and start to photoshop.
Here are 24 ‘honest brand slogans’.

“is pepsy okay?”
– Pepsi

“Convince yourself that you have a terminal illness.”
– WebMD