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Comics - 24/05

The floor is lava!

When duty calls you stop whatever you're doing. (two scoops of chocolate for me please, Harry)

Videos - 24/05

Baby Schwarzenegger

Bill Hader's Arnold Schwarzenegger impression is spot on. I could watch this for hours. (this is actually an insanely scary, well done deep-fake video)

Gifs - 24/05

Boom, headshot!

This Corgi loves to play dead, watch him looking and smiling at the camera asking "Did I do this right???"

You look for the fresh prints.

Comics - 24/05


Pictures - 24/05

3D alligator graffiti

The shadow painted on the ground is a nice touch and really adds to the perspective. Artist is "odeith".

Danny MacAskill takes his daughter out for a bike ride. Hang on.

Comics - 23/05

Business turtle