Pictures - 20/11

Don't like trucks?

Stop buying shit.

"Papa!" the boy exclaims. "Instead of buying a bus ticket, I ran home behind the bus and saved a dollar!" The father immediately slaps the child. "Spendthrift!" he screams. "You could have run home behind a taxi and saved twenty!"

Memes - 19/11

Walking through grass

Memes - 19/11

Not the beer!

Jokes - 18/11

Interesting thoughts

Nothing last longer than that video someone showing you that you have no interest in.

I have a hunch I might be next.

me_irl - 18/11

Stop looking at me

Pictures - 16/11

Someone's type

Memes - 16/11


Pictures - 14/11

All chained up

me_irl - 14/11


/facepalm - 10/11

23 kids

me_irl - 10/11

Daylight savings time

Comics - 09/11

8 spiders a year

Comics - 09/11

Santa isn't real

Jokes - 08/11

Interesting thoughts

The rise of self-checkouts has likely improved condom usage rates.

She is absolutely not “adventurous”, and in no way “fun to be around”!

me_irl - 08/11

Sock Shoe Sock Shoe