Blink twice if you're in danger.

And the sign even adds to the illusion.

Cathedral sponsored by Samsung!

Memes - 21/03

How to piss off two nations at once.

Memes - 21/03

YouTube recommendations

You call him a freaking ambulance!

Comics - 21/03

Fishie friends

I just answered her phone, and this man said "is that dope still there?".

Comics - 21/03

Tech support

Because he prefers "Tea-hee!"

Comics - 21/03

Heavy is the head

I'm just glad it's not my girlfriend or my wife.

Comics - 21/03

Setting the mood

Because they are too big to transport to British museums.

Comics - 21/03

The ad effect

Personally I’ve got a Yamaha surround sound system.

Comics - 21/03

Internet disagreements

Memes - 20/03


Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom..

Comics - 20/03

Teacher's strike