Looks like NASA has a new quest available. In all seriousness: the object might be two galaxies merging, with the upper part of the question mark being part of a larger galaxy getting tidally disrupted

Pictures - 08/08

Anon is a hacker

>Call a company >"Hello would you like whitehathacker LLC to attempt to hack you? We offer our services to poke holes in your network, and if we find a problem, we let you know. That way we can patch it so no big bad hackerman can break in?" >They agree >Try to "hack" their system >Sit on my ass for a week >"Your system is fully functional and we did not find any holes" >Get paid

Comics - 06/08


Pictures - 06/08

Resting mouth

Apparently the correct answer is a 2-3mm gap.

Memes - 06/08

When you finish eating at an Australian restaurant.

Comics - 05/08

Learn from your mistakes

Comics - 04/08

Timing is everything

Comics - 04/08

Bumper stickers

me_irl - 04/08

Couch tiredness

Pictures - 03/08

World's deadliest animals

Comics - 31/07

Nasty bug

Memes - 31/07

Room temperature IQ

Memes - 29/07

Vegetables vs potatoes

Pictures - 29/07

Billion dollar idea

Comics - 27/07

Call them

Memes - 19/07

Always put the bread at the top

Pictures - 19/07

Sinkhole in Turkey

My worst fear.

/facepalm - 19/07

Half day half night