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Braking at 240km/h on the Autobahn

This motorcycle was driving at a speed of 240km/h on the German Autobahn (which does not have a speed limit), when suddenly a car from the middle lane switches over to the left lane without looking. (more…)

Oil on the racetrack

At least 20 pilots were involved in a crash of the French Grand Prix Moto3, because of oil on the racetrack. No bikers suffered serious injuries.


Massive Audi crash

A speeding Audi tried to avoid crashing into a car by swerving to the left, but ended up catapulting himself. Nobody got seriously injured.


Morgan 4/4 oldtimer crash

The driver of a 1936 Morgan 4/4 convertible entered a road without much concern for the other drivers. A Peugeot going 80km/h was not able to stop in time and smashed into the oldtimer.