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Yearly inactivity

Dear visitors, like every other year I’m going abroad for a week during the holidays. During this period I will not be able to provide the website with content.
Normal activity will resume on December the 31st.

See you guys in 7 days!


Ants vs iPhone

As soon as the phone starts ringing, the ants move around in a circle around it, all in the same direction.


4 year old scores during rugby match

During a match between Queensland and New South Wales in Toowoomba, Australia, a 4 year old child stumbled upon the field when his mother wasn’t looking. The players decided to have a little fun and gave him the ball while they pretended to fall down. The kid eventually scores.


Strange jewelry store robbery

This robber in Moscow thought he was being smart by sneaking up to a jewelry store (he thought he was avoiding the cameras this way) wearing a reflective film (to bypass the alarm) and using a long fishing rod to pick up the jewelry. The video was fun to watch for the investigating policemen, because the jewelry store actually doesn’t have an alarm..


Hackers wirelessly hack a Jeep

Two American hackers have developed a tool that allows them to take remote control of a Jeep Cherokee. They are able to control the brakes, start/stop the engine, change the radio volume, turn on the ac,… This is one of the biggest downsides of ‘smart cars’… they’re always connected to the internet and not 100% hack-proof.


The escape tunnel of “El Chapo”

On July 11th 2015 drug baron Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from prison in Altiplano (90km from Mexico City). He escaped through a 1.5 km tunnel that included lights, a rail system, and ventilation. El Chapo already escaped from prison in 2001, he was the most wanted drug trafficker in the US and Mexico. The current reward is €3.4 million.